Summer RUF 2018

Some books can be a little dense. Don't let fear keep you from them! This summer RUF UW will be working though Cornelius Plantinga's "Not the Way it's Supposed to Be: A Breviary of Sin." I'll be posting the study guides that we are using here. If you're a student and unable to come, grab the book and read along with us. Friend or supporter of RUF, grab some friends and start your own Summer RUF! Hope these are a help to you. Pick up your copy here.

Intro through Chapter 2

Study #1 Intro- Chapter 2

Chapters 3-4

Study #2 Chapters 3-4

Chapters 5-6

Study #3 Chapters 5-6

Chapters 7-8

Study #4 Chapters 7-8

Chapters 9-10

Study #5 Chapters 9-10

Final Review

Final Review